The Team

Reuben Metcalfe Founder

Reuben is mostly responsible for pretty much everything, including writing this bio. Rather than wax lyrical in the third person about what a swell chap he is, he's decided to provide you with links to his LinkedIn and Twitter profile. He's also, of course, the guy you see on the I Dream of Space Video Blog .

Aimee Whitcroft Occasional Tweep/Voice of Reason

Aimee, (or as she is known on the interwebs @Teh_aimee ) Does like, a Novemnonagintillion things when not twittering for us, including being a co-founder of Sci-Blogs, running the only Nerdnite chapter in the Southern Hemisphere , and raising money for charities as part of the Lemur Attack Force . You can find out more about all of this on her personal blog .

Alice Huang Project Manager/Organizer of things

Alice makes sure the wheels at I Dream of Space keep turning – she has a personal blog here .

Blake Leitch Industry outreach / Woo'er of bloggers

Blake (AKA @newsonwheels ) is a disabled freelance journalist from New Zealand. In his spare time, Blake writes blogs , poetry , and music .

Advisory board

Sean Casey

Co-Founder at Silicon Valley Space Center, Senior Scientist at Universities Space Research Association | Sean's LinkedIn

Chris Radcliff

Executive Director at SpaceUp Foundation, Citizen Scientist, Technology Speaker, Author | Chris's LinkedIn